Here is my invention called the Triangulum. My friend Brian Lemmel is on my left and I am on the one with the brown bonnet. The Triangulum holds up to 12 tuning forks at a time resonating at once or resonating chords or triads. The forks resound the oak and the pine vibrating at the tonal frequencies of the earth, Shumann resonance and the Fibonacci sequence.

My Music Therapy Sessions use the Triangulum and more to guide the body, mind and spirit into new states of relaxation and being.

How does Vibration affect the body?

cymaticsThese are representations of cymatic images, showing how the vibrations of music affect molecules of water.  Our bodies are made mostly of water, so imagine how different vibrations effect your body.

musicOn the image above the first yellow circle on the left shows the frequency of 432 Hz and is a more harmonious frequency for your body. The shape it makes is more defined. 432 Hz resonates with the Schumann Resonance which matches¬†the vibration of the Earth. The yellow circle on the right shows the frequency of 440 Hz this frequency dominates most popular music since the 1960’s and is mechanical and less harmonious.

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music2Snowflakes reacting to different music and sound frequencies.