Elon’s music was definitely medicine for me in so many ways. The sounds of exotic lands and wild places took me to a place of expansion, while Elon’s mastery with all his instruments — especially the guitar and Persian violin, oh and the piano! — let my spirit soar while my body resonated with what felt like healing vibrations. I’m in the process of letting go of old patterns/pain/beliefs, and I left my session feeling rejuvenated and clear and strengthened in myself. The tension in my neck where Elon touched the tuning fork has released and relaxed. I’m so happy I had a session, in a very quiet and intentional setting, to help me experience beautiful music in a very powerful way! ~ Katie Hart

My sacred sound journey was truly a gift.  I found myself moving very deeply to an incredibly peaceful state.  As a person who is “meditation challenged” this was amazing.  I have spent the past several days remaining in that peace and have found myself making time for me-something I had been struggling with before the session.  I feel more clear-headed and focused.  Thank you so much
~ Anita

I had the good fortune to meet William”Elon” at a Cacao ceremony and witness his musical talent. I recently experienced a sound healing session with Elon. He provides a safe and calm space. The session was tailored to my needs. The session was a most relaxing, blissful experience.The beautiful music Elon plays lulls you into a peaceful place. My favorite was the violin. I highly recommend it. ~ Gisele Perez