Ancient Music Journey

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A – 50 min – 60 min | Sliding Scale $60 to $90

B – 25 min – 30 min | Sliding Scale $30 to $50

C – 90 min | Sliding Scale $90 to $120

30 min | 60 min | and 90 min duration


~ Ancient instruments such as kamanche (Persian violin), Heron (setar style instrument), native American drum and others; as well as modern instruments such as piano, violin, guitar, wind chimes, shakers and others played in tones that help clear the mind, uplift the spirit and facilitate healing/relaxation.

~ Specialized Earth tuning forks to help balance body’s systems such as autonomic nervous system and clear the auric field.

~ Osteophonic tuning forks that are placed on acupressure points, meridians, vertebrae, muscle and/or areas of pain to create a sonic wave and increase blood flow in that area. Inducing a healing response via the body’s naturally ocurring nitric oxide.

~ Medicine songs and modal music played to uplift the spirit and create a sense of well being.

~ 432 Hz and 444 Hz frequencies played that create sonic waves passing through the subtle and energetic bodies aiding the individual to come into a parasympathetic state. In other words relaxing the individual into more healing states such as Alpha and possibly even Theta states.

To Schedule a Session Contact:

Group Sessions available by arrangement.